How to Get Over Creativity Block as a Cheshire wedding Photographer

Cheshire wedding photographerAs a Cheshire wedding photographer, there are times you will hit a creativity block. To be factual this can be a very scary experience but here’s some comforting news, it never lasts forever. It is only for a period of time.

There is no specific time your career dedicated for creativity rut, it can happen anytime. What you do during this period will determine how long it will last and whether will make you better or not.

This article brings you a few tips to help you get over creativity block as a Cheshire wedding photographer.

1. Push beyond limits and be ready to make mistakes.

As the saying goes, we learn from our mistakes, not our successes. When you notice a creativity block begin to experiment with a different technique. You cannot be afraid to fail at this point as you are bound to learn new things.

2. Do something out of normal.

Sometimes creativity block might be a result of staying in your comfort zone for too long. Try something different, do something you have not done before. You might end up loving another genre of photography or some new technique.

3. Hang out with other photographers

It can be quite frustrating when people around you don’t share your excitement at a new prospect. They are not bad people and they love you, they just aren’t as much into photography. You need to find some photography buddies to hang out with. You can start a photo walk group and sharing ideas can keep you inspired.

4. Take a class

You can take an online photography class or attend a physical class to help get your groove back on. Workshops are also a great source of motivation, regardless of the location or duration.

5. Seek Inspiration

You might need to look at other art pieces to region inspiration. Visiting an art studio or museum to see paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art are just perfect. You can also go online to view work from another artist.

6. Mentor a beginner

Sometimes you just need to share your love for photography with someone else to rekindle your fire. Find someone who is just beginning the photography adventure, take the person on a journey and just share your techniques and stories. Teach the person a few things and see your enthusiasm get refueled.

7. Get lost

Pick up your camera and go somewhere you don’t know and just shoot. Be rest assured that something will trigger your inner photographer. It will definitely be fun.

8. Pick up a theme

Focus on a certain theme such as choosing a color, people sitting in a park, or sun-kissed flowers. This way your mind is focused on that theme and turn you on to click away on your shutter button.

Check out Maurice Roberts Photography to get more tips on how to get over creativity block as a Cheshire wedding photographer.

How to Build a Portfolio and Business as a Same Sex Wedding Photographer

same sex wedding photographerBecoming a same sex wedding photographer for so many of us was a hobby turned to passion turned to business. For others, it became a business by sheer opportunity while for others they actually planned it out from the onset and getting into the business is a dream come true.

Regardless of how you entered into the business, whether I mentioned it or not, it is still necessary to sort a few things out, else it won’t be easy to grow your business. Businesses do not just take shape and grow from the blues, there are certain steps you must take to make it grow.

I know that finding this out might be quite difficult so I decided to share a few steps on how to build your business as a Same sex wedding photographer. Join me as it promises to be an interesting read.

Building a portfolio

As a beginner no one expects you to have tons of pictures, if you do then it’s a huge plus for your business. You just need to put together a couple of your best pictures and arrange them for your portfolio. Make sure that they are the best of your best. At the end of the day, you might have just a handful but don’t worry, it’s fine. It will still serve the purpose. If you can make them depict a specific niche, it is better.

Find models

When you go through your storage and notice that you don’t have enough pictures or the pictures you have do not make the cut, there is something else you can do to make up your portfolio. Call for models so you can shoot better images. Find people who will help you achieve the exact kind of pictures in your imagination. You must also take into consideration their age, the clothing, the location, and the setup. This is branding and it is vital to the success of your business. You can get models by calling on friends or friends of friends, social media ads, or making a barter.

Web presence

Not being on the web these days literally translates to non-existence. You can create a website, not necessarily something fancy, it must just show your work clearly and put you in the face of your clients. Your best bet is still social media such as Instagram and Facebook. They are free and very easy to set up. Whichever you use, though I advise you use both, make sure you focus your posts on your target audience and tell your stories in the most creative manner possible.

Business cards and other stationery

Stationery and business cards are old fashioned but they are still required by most people, especially those who like official business. They are also great for peer-to-peer networking and to make them more attractive and unforgettable you can make them magnetic. This way they can place them on their fridges or some other surfaces. Stationery like brochures or vouchers are great for relating with other businesses in your locality, you just need to drop them there.

I believe these points have been helpful for your business as a Same sex wedding photographer. Try them out to build your portfolio and business. We at would like to hear from you in the comment section.

Becoming a Better Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographerfAs an Essex wedding photographer, it is crucial for you to keep improving your skills and capability in photography. There are more and more wedding photographers emerging out there, each with unique style and skill set. Thus, once you fail at making any improvement to your own profile and credibility, it would mean the end for your career.

In photography, creativity and uniqueness indeed are two inseparable elements to a photographer’s success. A photographer is expected to be unique to stand out of the crowd. By being unique and different, we could build our own credibility which would mean more income eventually.

Tips to become a better photographer

There are a number of simple tips that you could follow to improve yourself as a wedding photographer. These tips are based on success stories shared by professional photographers. In this article, you could find some of these tips so that you could start implementing them today. Here they are:

Taking shots as often as you could – even do it everyday for the best results. It’s true that practice makes perfect. That’s also what happens when you keep on practicing your photography skills as often as possible. By doing this, you could find new photography styles and techniques that could help adding more dimension and thus values to every shot you take. You could also learn about how to get the best angles and lighting for your photoshoot session. All you need to do is to invest a few hours with your gears in a day to become a better photographer.

Keep experimenting with your shots – being a photographer means you are expected to be as creative as possible. There would be no limit to your creativity in this regard. You could start experimenting with every shot you take. You could, for instance, change the speed of your shutter to create different effects, or put items between you and your subject to add more dimension to your shots. It’s all up to you and your creativity.

Keep sharing your shots with everyone – one of best ways to get direct feedback for your shots is by posting them on various media, both online and offline. This is very important for an Essex wedding photographer like you. By doing so, you are inviting others to take a look at your work. Some may only look at them without commenting, but some others may provide you with feedback or two which you could use as reference when taking another picture in the future.

Joining a photography community – this is the best way to learn about new things and get feedback on your work. By joining with a photography community, you may interact with fellow photographers and share some stories and experience as a wedding photographer. You could also train your eye for quality photos by providing feedback to the works of others posted in the community.

All the tips above are really helpful for an Essex wedding photographer who looks to improve his skills in photography. For more tips, you could visit and learn directly from professional photographers.

11 Wedding Industry Things Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire needs to Know about

wedding photographer HertfordshireThere are a number of things in wedding industry that every wedding photographer Hertfordshire needs to know about. Having adequate knowledge on these things will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, knowing these things will allow you to prepare yourself to shine in wedding photoshoots.

Here are the 11 things that you need to know before starting your first wedding photoshoot:

  1. Prepare for backups. Having high quality tools is indeed a huge advantage for you. However, there are times when everything doesn’t run according to the plan. Therefore, it is crucial for you to prepare backups so that when your main equipment doesn’t function properly, you could always replace it at ease.
  2. Dress properly. You can’t show up in a fancy wedding only wearing that plain t-shirt and ripped jeans of yours. That would be a wardrobe malfunction to start with. Please mind to dress properly when taking the pictures during a wedding. This shows your own worth to others.
  3. Learn the attendees. You don’t need to do in-depth research on them. Just know and remember their names. This will ultimately show your professionalism and that you respect them. Your next gig may come from them anyway.
  4. Avoid religious talk. Religion can be very sensitive to some people. That’s why you should avoid talking about it as best as you can, especially at weddings. This is make you look unprofessional.
  5. Take an assistant. There are tons of things to shoot during a wedding. This is why it is important for you to take someone to accompany you when conducting your wedding photoshoot. This could be a fellow wedding photographer Hertfordshire or someone else you trust.
  6. Keep an eye on everything. Sometimes a wedding moment happens in a blink of an eye. You need to keep your eyes wide open on everything and be fully aware of your surrounding.
  7. Have you own standard. You don’t need to capture every single minute or interaction in a wedding. Just focus on several key moments that, according to your own judgement, are worthy enough to be included in the photo album.
  8. Have pre-wedding consultation with your client. This is important to let you know about what could satisfy your clients, and what will do the contrary.
  9. Use natural lighting. A wedding is a special occassion for your client. You surely don’t want to ruin it using your sophisticated lighting equipment, right? Simply capture the moment using natural light to get everyone mesmerized with that special moment.
  10. Have a rehearsal. After consulting with your client beforehand, it is crucial that you go to the venue and have a rehearsal with your client. This allows you to prepare for the moment while learning about the best spots to take pictures.
  11. Prepare some props. Some people attending the wedding would ask you for them, so you better prepare them properly. These props could add different theme and feel to your pictures. Weddings mean having fun afterall.

Those are the tips that every wedding photographer Hertfordshire needs to know to shine in a wedding. Rafe Abrook Photography would be the best bet for a perfect memorable wedding nights in Hertfordshire.

Tips for Destination Wedding Photography Northern Ireland

wedding photography Northern IrelandTo create a memorable wedding photography Northern Ireland, a photographer needs to have adequate knowledge on the best photoshooting spots in the area and share about them to his clients. This is important as it gives clients the opportunity to pick one that best suits their expectations in materializing the wedding shots of their dream. After all, having adequate knowledge of these spots is one of things that may boost the photographer’s credibility in the first place.

The one thing that you need to put into account when recommending any photoshoot destination would be the accommodation and transportation that you’re going to need to reach the photoshoot destination. That being said, it is essential for you to offer wedding photography spots that you could reach easily so that you could tell potential clients not to worry about extra accommodation fee. This will give your clients a boost of confidence in picking you as their wedding photographer.

Aside from that matter, there are a number of other tips that you could follow to make sure that you make your photoshoot session at the destination runs as expected. Here they are:

  • Make sure that your contract constitutes everything necessary

It’s important to have a contract agreed between you and your client so that both of you could get through the wedding photography preparation, and the main session as well, smoothly. This is important especially when the wedding photography is being carried out at destination that requires you to travel a lot, like in Northern Ireland for instance. Both you and your client need to have mutual understanding on what is included in the service package, and what is not.

  • Confirm everything long before the photoshooting day

In case you need to travel to distant wedding photography Northern Ireland location, you need to make sure that you have everything confirmed long before the wedding day. This includes your travelling tickets and where to stay in the area. You also need to confirm on when to arrive in the location, so that you could have ample time to prepare for everything before the wedding day. Remember, being late is not a habit of a professional like you.

  • Get the right gears and make sure you could bring them along

Choosing which photography equipment would be needed for a photography session is part of your job. However, since you are required to travel while bringing those, you need to make sure that you have suitable bag that could carry out all those gears properly. Make sure to mark your bag so that you won’t lost it on the way.

  • Confirm your leaving time

When doing a destination wedding, it’s better that you have adequate rest before heading back to your home. You could enjoy local attractions after the wedding day or stay in your room to fully recover your strength and spirit. You indeed need to get ready as best as you could, as you are expected to start the photo editing process rightaway after reaching your home.

The tips for destination wedding above would be really helpful for any photographer to carry out a successful wedding photography Northern Ireland. You could refer to fantastic works of Michael Love Photography for more ideas on how to prepare for your own destination wedding gig.

4 Unexpected Things Every Raleigh Newborn Photographer Needs

Raleigh newborn photographerWhen it comes to working with babies, a Raleigh Newborn photographer often found himself surprised with the situation he’s faced. Your main subject of interest is babies and it’s safe to say that they can be full of surprises. As a newborn photographer, you have got to be prepared for what’s to come before you are thrown into a mess!

Nursery room!

The first thing you want to have prepared is a nursery room. Why, it’s not like your clients will come without preparing their little one? Well, for some parents, especially inexperienced ones, they might not even know what they are doing at times. And as someone who has and will work will a lot of babies, you are bound to understand that babies will ask what they need right then and there.

Some mothers are very uncomfortable with breastfeeding their baby in front of someone they don’t know or a male photographer. The baby might also need a quick wipe or change of diaper. You never know!

Spare blankets

You might have tucked in multiple blankets under the baby whose pictures you are taking. They are arranged in the order you want to work on them and you did similarly with the background. Well, nobody can ever make sure that it’s going to go the way you want it to because sometimes ‘accident’ happens. And now, several blankets are in a mess, not to mention the baby is, too!

A Raleigh newborn photographer should always be prepared with spare blankets at hand to use. At least a blanket with a neutral color to complement any type of background. Aside from that, you also need to remind parents about bringing extra clothing in case they got it on them.

Clean wipes and cloths

In case the baby made a mess on the floor and on himself, you have wipes ready at your disposal to immediately wipe everything clean. Newborn babies don’t stay asleep and calm for a long time, so you want to treasure your time. You can feel a little reluctant at first, no worries. Your clients, however, will love your effort and quick actions in cleaning the set.

Clean wipes are also necessary for the parents in case it happens when they are carrying the baby! But it’s also worthwhile to snap a picture when it happens.

White noise

A room in complete silence is not a good idea to create a calm atmosphere. Too quiet and everyone will actually get nervous about the session. One thing you can do is to play white noise in the background to keep the baby asleep. If white noise sounds too dull or annoying, you can opt to play classical music in the background to help the baby and parents stay calm and relaxed.

The power of music or white noise can really make a difference in the settings and help photographers capture the best of the babies, like what you can see in Aside from the baby and parents, it can have a calming effect on a Raleigh newborn photographer as well.

Does It Make a Difference to Hire a Gay Wedding Photographer?

gay wedding photographerLet us take a moment to appreciate the special nature of a wedding. For most couples, it is an event that is bound to occur only once in their lifetime. Therefore, it is only right that everything associated with a wedding goes of without a hitch and this definitely includes the wedding photographs. The individual you are going to hand over the responsibility of your wedding pictures to needs to be somebody that understands the importance of this special day to both you and your significant other.

So, back to the question of whether or not hiring a gay wedding photographer makes a difference, the answer is yes! And the reasons are below:

  • Understanding

To be honest here, there might be several wedding photographers in the business but how many of them actively carve out a niche for themselves with the aim of delivering a service that is meaningful to their customers. The LGBTQ community has long since being sidelined and getting service providers that cater to your own community is a feat that could prove impossible if you do not know where to look. However, lucky for you, you do not have to look too far anymore.

This is all due to the service rendered by the gay wedding photographer Paul Grace Photography. Couples can easily get the pictures of their dreams thanks to an understanding photographer who identified a need within the industry. You no longer have to settle for the generic wedding photographer or a close friend when you can easily hire someone that understands the importance of the moment.

  • Connection

We as humans know how important it is to find that special someone you connect with on a deeper level. That is the special someone that gets you even when others might misunderstand you. That someone who is willing to stand by you regardless of the challenges faced. We all look out for that special thing that is going to connect us with each other and hope that meaningful relationships can be formed from them. Without a connection, most couples would not be walking down the aisle like we see them do.

Therefore, it only makes sense that when looking for an individual to help with the coverage of your wedding event, you go for someone that has a deep connection with your type of person. This is someone that without explaining or going into details already knows what you are hoping to achieve or the type of wedding images you want to see after the event. Not a lot of photographers can boast about the special connection they were able to foster with their clients.

  • Special touch

Do you want you wedding pictures to be totally about the special nature of you tying the know with your chosen spouse or do you want it to be as generic as ever other wedding picture out there? Going by the special nature of the day, we are quite sure the former will be the case so make sure you hire the services of a gay wedding photographer to get what you deserve – great wedding images.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Wedding Photographers Kent

wedding photographers KentIf you’re debating whether or not you should hire wedding photographers Kent, stop debating and do it. There are several reasons why you should, especially since professionals are known to overall have the best results when it comes to their trade. Why?

  • Professionals Have Experience and Irreplaceable Knowledge Worth Their Price

Professional photographers already know what to expect, and they know how taxing photographing a wedding all day will be. As a result of their experience, they already know how to prepare for your big day. If a photographer seems to be pricy, it isn’t because they’re greedy about their trade. They spend a lot of time deciding on their set prices based on their experience and training. There are several factors that they figure this out based on, such as:

-official education, including any and all degrees relevant

-prior experience



-studio expenses

-time spent on projects, planning and booking included

-travel and rentals

-insurance and accounting

-continuing education

These aren’t even all of the factors, just the most basic ones. That should be kept in mind when looking for a wedding photographers Kent.

They will always have backups and extra equipment just in case of any accidents or other unforeseen events. On top of that, they also know when and where to get candid shots, without having to ask for their subjects to pose.

As well as previously made points, photographers have to be booked in advance for more than just forewarning. They can help you manage your entire wedding day based on the type of wedding experience you want to have. They can even team up with your official wedding planners to make everything as easy on you as possible.

  • Friends and Family Should be Attending Your Wedding

Some people argue against the price of a professional, claiming that their friend or relative can take care of the photography much more reasonably. However, they aren’t professionals and they definitely won’t have the same outcome as any of the professionals.

  • Professionals Provide More Than Just a Few Photos

They are completely invested and even excited about being at your wedding. Not only are you providing them with an opportunity to work, you are also enabling their passion. So of course they are going to be wrapped up in this work, as well as excited about their newest model bride and groom.

Besides the facts of professionality, your loved ones should be attending your wedding as your guests, not working any part of the festivities. You should all be celebrating together, not working. Of course, they’re welcome to take their own photos as well and suggest ideas to the photographers. If they do take their own photos, try comparing them with the professional’s work, and you’ll see a clear difference in quality.

  • Preserve The Memory

Wedding photographers capture the moments of connection and love, and capture them in photos so you can keep and remember those moments forever. These photos are of high quality, taken with the best equipment and refined perfection.

If you are currently looking for any wedding photographers Kent, look here: for a well experienced photographer.

Pros of Getting the Best Wedding Photographers Dorset

wedding photographers DorsetIn this article, we would be discussing the pros of getting wedding photographers Dorset. There are lots of wedding photographers in Dorset that can cover events at your wedding day. It is important to consider one or two things when getting a professional wedding photographer. The factors that you should be looking at should be the budget plan, experience, style of photography, quality of wedding images portfolio and communication.


First of all, before engaging the services of a wedding photographer, It is good to have good budget plan already set out to cover the photography costs and so that you do not spend more than you ought to. Getting good wedding portraits doesn’t mean you have to spend so much. You can get good wedding images that are cost effectives. In some cases, the guarantee of paying so much may not give assurance of getting picture perfect quality. Always stick to a good budget plan. You can check through websites having a comprehensive list of wedding photographers Dorset and their costs to know the one that best suits your budget.


Create shortlists for all photographers in town to find potential wedding photographer. Make researches on their client reviews then find the perfect wedding photographers that fit your personal preferences.


Wedding are one the most treasured moments ever in the history of humans so to get such treasured moments. You need a photographer that is experienced, thus knows the deeps things about wedding photography, experience should be an underlying factor to getting professional wedding photographers Dorset. The main aim of wedding photography is to create memories that in time you can tell stories to your kids, friends and even work colleagues. That’s why in getting your potential wedding photographer you need to be very careful so as to choose someone that will bring to the table what you would feel peaceful and happy.


Take your time to study a wedding photographer’s style of photography. Make sure it complements the kind of images and style you want for your wedding portraits. Different photographers have different styles of photography that have expertise in. So it is always advisable to look for a photographer that you feel uses the best style of photography that you would be comfortable with.


One very important thing you need to consider is the quality of images of a photographer. Does it match your taste or definition of good quality images? If it does then go ahead and hire that photographer. You can also request that the photographer take you some photos for trials and they should generally meet your standard of what you want the quality of your pictures to be.


Lastly, pay attention to the photographer’s level of communication. A good wedding photographer is meant to make genuine connections to create good client relationship. You should be able to get clarifications from the photographer whenever you find something to be unclear.

If you are confused about getting the right wedding photographers Dorset that are good at what they do and also has a cost-effective system then check out

A Professional Headshot Photographer Reading Looks Like This

headshot photographer ReadingTaking a headshot picture is important for many people and that’s probably the case for you as well. You might be using it to apply for a job or a casting position. Whichever it is, you want your picture to show the best you who is confident, enthusiastic and professional. For that, you need a professional headshot photographer Reading to do it.

But sadly, the hundreds of dollars that you invest can be for naught if you hired the wrong person. It could be someone who never handled cameras before or someone who is not used to directing non-professional models before. And that calls for an easy to understand guide to help you understand what are the qualities of a professional headshot photographer.

Friendly first meeting

A good headshot photographer will want to make you feel as comfortable as you can around him. This helps him direct you later during the headshot photography session. It will also naturally make you look confident and natural on your pictures because you don’t feel pressured and awkward around someone you don’t know.

So, the first thing you need to notice is the photographer’s eagerness to get to know you and about his job. He could be someone who shows genuine care or love to crack jokes! Such a photographer will want to explain things like his offers and how he can help you in a friendly tone.

Great examples

You pretty sure don’t want to become the first work of the headshot photographer you are hiring. Unless the photographer is willing to do it for free for you, no, you need a photographer with enough experience in what he’s doing. Imagine, your picture is going to be used for professional use and you let someone who doesn’t know what that means.

Hire a professional headshot photographer Reading like The Headshot Studio to make sure that you get the best quality of works. This photographer also has portfolios to show you his previous works. That means you can know the style of the photographer and if you are going to like what you see.

Moderation in editing

After the pictures are taken, your photographer will move on to edit those pictures to remove the flaws. Now, here’s the problem you could be seeing. Some photographers edit too much. Those amazing headshot pictures you saw were results of thorough editing and maybe the original person didn’t look like that!

One way to see if your photographer will not make you look like a totally different person is to have him show original and edited version of headshot he worked on before. Additionally, you can ask the photographer if you want to have more or less edits to your pictures.

These are the qualities of a professional headshot photographer Reading. They especially want you to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera and minimize editing as much as possible. Originally taken pictures will make you look more natural and reliable in front of your employers and judges. They know you are not trying to pass as professional only in pictures!