11 Wedding Industry Things Wedding Photographer Hertfordshire needs to Know about

wedding photographer HertfordshireThere are a number of things in wedding industry that every wedding photographer Hertfordshire needs to know about. Having adequate knowledge on these things will separate you from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, knowing these things will allow you to prepare yourself to shine in wedding photoshoots.

Here are the 11 things that you need to know before starting your first wedding photoshoot:

  1. Prepare for backups. Having high quality tools is indeed a huge advantage for you. However, there are times when everything doesn’t run according to the plan. Therefore, it is crucial for you to prepare backups so that when your main equipment doesn’t function properly, you could always replace it at ease.
  2. Dress properly. You can’t show up in a fancy wedding only wearing that plain t-shirt and ripped jeans of yours. That would be a wardrobe malfunction to start with. Please mind to dress properly when taking the pictures during a wedding. This shows your own worth to others.
  3. Learn the attendees. You don’t need to do in-depth research on them. Just know and remember their names. This will ultimately show your professionalism and that you respect them. Your next gig may come from them anyway.
  4. Avoid religious talk. Religion can be very sensitive to some people. That’s why you should avoid talking about it as best as you can, especially at weddings. This is make you look unprofessional.
  5. Take an assistant. There are tons of things to shoot during a wedding. This is why it is important for you to take someone to accompany you when conducting your wedding photoshoot. This could be a fellow wedding photographer Hertfordshire or someone else you trust.
  6. Keep an eye on everything. Sometimes a wedding moment happens in a blink of an eye. You need to keep your eyes wide open on everything and be fully aware of your surrounding.
  7. Have you own standard. You don’t need to capture every single minute or interaction in a wedding. Just focus on several key moments that, according to your own judgement, are worthy enough to be included in the photo album.
  8. Have pre-wedding consultation with your client. This is important to let you know about what could satisfy your clients, and what will do the contrary.
  9. Use natural lighting. A wedding is a special occassion for your client. You surely don’t want to ruin it using your sophisticated lighting equipment, right? Simply capture the moment using natural light to get everyone mesmerized with that special moment.
  10. Have a rehearsal. After consulting with your client beforehand, it is crucial that you go to the venue and have a rehearsal with your client. This allows you to prepare for the moment while learning about the best spots to take pictures.
  11. Prepare some props. Some people attending the wedding would ask you for them, so you better prepare them properly. These props could add different theme and feel to your pictures. Weddings mean having fun afterall.

Those are the tips that every wedding photographer Hertfordshire needs to know to shine in a wedding. Rafe Abrook Photography would be the best bet for a perfect memorable wedding nights in Hertfordshire.

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