How to Build a Portfolio and Business as a Same Sex Wedding Photographer

same sex wedding photographerBecoming a same sex wedding photographer for so many of us was a hobby turned to passion turned to business. For others, it became a business by sheer opportunity while for others they actually planned it out from the onset and getting into the business is a dream come true.

Regardless of how you entered into the business, whether I mentioned it or not, it is still necessary to sort a few things out, else it won’t be easy to grow your business. Businesses do not just take shape and grow from the blues, there are certain steps you must take to make it grow.

I know that finding this out might be quite difficult so I decided to share a few steps on how to build your business as a Same sex wedding photographer. Join me as it promises to be an interesting read.

Building a portfolio

As a beginner no one expects you to have tons of pictures, if you do then it’s a huge plus for your business. You just need to put together a couple of your best pictures and arrange them for your portfolio. Make sure that they are the best of your best. At the end of the day, you might have just a handful but don’t worry, it’s fine. It will still serve the purpose. If you can make them depict a specific niche, it is better.

Find models

When you go through your storage and notice that you don’t have enough pictures or the pictures you have do not make the cut, there is something else you can do to make up your portfolio. Call for models so you can shoot better images. Find people who will help you achieve the exact kind of pictures in your imagination. You must also take into consideration their age, the clothing, the location, and the setup. This is branding and it is vital to the success of your business. You can get models by calling on friends or friends of friends, social media ads, or making a barter.

Web presence

Not being on the web these days literally translates to non-existence. You can create a website, not necessarily something fancy, it must just show your work clearly and put you in the face of your clients. Your best bet is still social media such as Instagram and Facebook. They are free and very easy to set up. Whichever you use, though I advise you use both, make sure you focus your posts on your target audience and tell your stories in the most creative manner possible.

Business cards and other stationery

Stationery and business cards are old fashioned but they are still required by most people, especially those who like official business. They are also great for peer-to-peer networking and to make them more attractive and unforgettable you can make them magnetic. This way they can place them on their fridges or some other surfaces. Stationery like brochures or vouchers are great for relating with other businesses in your locality, you just need to drop them there.

I believe these points have been helpful for your business as a Same sex wedding photographer. Try them out to build your portfolio and business. We at would like to hear from you in the comment section.

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