Practical Tips for Every Wedding Photographer

Always come prepared

wedding photographyIt’s important for every wedding photographer to always come prepared for any possible scenarios that might come along during the coverage of a wedding. There are so many things that can possibly go wrong. There are a lot of mishaps and other challenges somewhere along the way. As a wedding photographer, you should make sure that you are more than equipped to handle these things as well as to know how to handle yourself when you find yourself in the middle of those events and the like.

First up, always wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

The kind of shoes that you wear during the wedding is pivotal to the kind of success that you will get to have as a wedding photographer. You need to go for the kind of shoes that you will be comfortable wearing for the next 8 hours or more. You have to understand that as a wedding photographer, you will end up doing a lot of crazy poses and you will end up crouching or crawling or bent over in crazy positions. You will not be able to do this and get this done the right way if you are ill at ease. If you are a lady wedding photographer, this couldn’t be all the more crucial. You are probably having fancy thoughts of going for that gorgeous pair of heels you just bought last week. Although they might look good at first, it might put you in a bad mood because your feet will hurt the entire time that you will be providing coverage. Do yourself a favor and go for shoes that will take care of your feet so that you do not end up beating yourself up over it and re-thinking about your shoe options during the time that you were getting ready.

Always manage the snap shooters.

Being a wedding photographer means that you also need to have a certain degree of crowd control and crowd management skills. You need to keep the snap shooters at bay especially when they are already getting in the way of the shots that you are trying to take during the wedding. This can be a bit challenging to do at first because you need to make sure that you will be able to strike the perfect balance between being authoritative while still staying polite and friendly all throughout the time. One thing that can help you out a lot as a wedding photographer would be for you to try to let them know that you will give them time to snap their own pictures right after you are done with yours. People tend to respect you a little better if they feel as if you respect them as well. Make sure that you keep their needs in consideration and they will more often than not try to reciprocate that as you go along. Try to explain ahead of time that there will be certain issues with taking photos at the same time such as confusing the subjects regarding which camera lens they should look into and the like.

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