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Becoming a Better Essex Wedding Photographer

Essex wedding photographerfAs an Essex wedding photographer, it is crucial for you to keep improving your skills and capability in photography. There are more and more wedding photographers emerging out there, each with unique style and skill set. Thus, once you fail at making any improvement to your own profile and credibility, it would mean the end for your career.

In photography, creativity and uniqueness indeed are two inseparable elements to a photographer’s success. A photographer is expected to be unique to stand out of the crowd. By being unique and different, we could build our own credibility which would mean more income eventually.

Tips to become a better photographer

There are a number of simple tips that you could follow to improve yourself as a wedding photographer. These tips are based on success stories shared by professional photographers. In this article, you could find some of these tips so that you could start implementing them today. Here they are:

Taking shots as often as you could – even do it everyday for the best results. It’s true that practice makes perfect. That’s also what happens when you keep on practicing your photography skills as often as possible. By doing this, you could find new photography styles and techniques that could help adding more dimension and thus values to every shot you take. You could also learn about how to get the best angles and lighting for your photoshoot session. All you need to do is to invest a few hours with your gears in a day to become a better photographer.

Keep experimenting with your shots – being a photographer means you are expected to be as creative as possible. There would be no limit to your creativity in this regard. You could start experimenting with every shot you take. You could, for instance, change the speed of your shutter to create different effects, or put items between you and your subject to add more dimension to your shots. It’s all up to you and your creativity.

Keep sharing your shots with everyone – one of best ways to get direct feedback for your shots is by posting them on various media, both online and offline. This is very important for an Essex wedding photographer like you. By doing so, you are inviting others to take a look at your work. Some may only look at them without commenting, but some others may provide you with feedback or two which you could use as reference when taking another picture in the future.

Joining a photography community – this is the best way to learn about new things and get feedback on your work. By joining with a photography community, you may interact with fellow photographers and share some stories and experience as a wedding photographer. You could also train your eye for quality photos by providing feedback to the works of others posted in the community.

All the tips above are really helpful for an Essex wedding photographer who looks to improve his skills in photography. For more tips, you could visit and learn directly from professional photographers.

Wedding Photos Ideas You Don’t Wanna Miss

Essex wedding photographerSurely, taking pictures is the job of your wedding photographer; in fact that is why you paid them. But, it is good to have some ideas on your own and if you have a look at what we have here, you might even stumble upon something that you definitely do not want to miss on your one day wedding.

If you are Essex wedding photographer and is looking for an idea for your next wedding project, you’ll be able to find at least one here that will live up to your name as wedding photographer.

These are must-capture moments that many couples have mentioned how they love and treasure these pictures a lot. Have fun browsing!


If you are comfortable, let your photographer take the private shot of you getting ready. From dressing up, hairdo to make up, these all account to a memorable moments of getting ready for D-day. Your groom loves everything about you, even you who is just getting ready to doll up. Once you’ve finished, don’t forget to take a shot of you all ready to meet the love of your life.

First look

Before the reception starts, before the party, the pair who have dressed, especially the bride, may pose behind the groom, hiding from the sight or other modifications of this such as hiding behind a door, veil or blocking the eye of the groom. It is apparently, one of the most exciting moments for the groom, aside from watching football match and waiting for a goal to happen. Make it natural, do not force the bride to hide too long because they will lose that exciting expression they have on the beginning.

Afterwards, open the gift box! The surprise, happiness and head over heels expression of the groom while seeing the bride first time on the day is almost indescribable to many. “You look so beautiful in white.” Let the photo ring the truth of this lyric.

The set

All the plates, food, table and seats in order, just awaiting the guests to come and let the party begin! Get there early and grab this memorable, once in a lifetime photos of the preparations done on the set, from the seats, food and decors.

Little things

Rings of the pair on a table with a little flowers adorned or the pair of shoes the bride will wear (because honestly, many people do not even know the shoes the bride is wearing because of the dress) and accessories used.

Little things can also mean the little things the pair does, such as a light peck, or some romantic glances they make for each other to forehead and hand kisses. Making the pair to take a little walk along the beach, or the city if that is closer will make some fun and memorable pictures.

The Party!

Start from the vow exchange where both the bride and groom just look at each other while reciting the eternal vow, the kiss of the couple that leads to the cheering of the guests and then the first dance! Afterwards, it’s up to how the party will go on and the skill of your Essex wedding photographer.

Essential Gear Every Wedding Photographer Needs

Camera and backup camera.

wedding photographer in and around essexEvery decent Essex wedding photographer will always make sure he has all of his basic gear set in place. Without your basic photography gear, you might as well just be another random passerby or amateur photographer who happens to have a camera and maybe a strappy camera bag to go along with it and that’s just it. The reason why you are allowed to charge such a premium for your services as a Essex wedding photographer is mainly because of the fact that you are extremely skilled at what you do and because of the fact that you have primary and backup cameras that are professional grade that can take the highest quality of pictures and nothing less than those. This is a certain prerequisite that clients in general will actually be expecting from you all throughout the time that you are shooting as someone’s official wedding photographer. If you don’t have the money to buy a second camera right off the bat, you can always borrow or just rent one out until you will be able to front enough money to buy your own second camera somewhere along the way.

Medium zoom lens.

Ideally, you should start off with the telephoto lens and a wide angle lens. However, those two lenses can cost quite a pretty penny and it can be quite hard especially if you don’t really have enough finances for them in the meantime. Make sure that you have something that can bridge the gap and something that can do a little bit of what the two lenses can do until such time wherein you will actually get to have those two main lenses and so much more. The medium zoom lens is the perfect temporary solution. It is the most versatile lens out there and it is something that will turn out to be a little kinder to your budget at the end of the day. It is the perfect starter lens and it is something that you can make do with in the beginning. Practically anyone and everyone can more or less afford a medium zoom lens and this is something that you will be able to work out pretty easily.

Memory cards and batteries.

As a wedding photographer in and around essex, you should never run out of memory cards and batteries. Get yourself a battalion of fully charged batteries and memory cards all of the time so that you don’t ever have to worry about running out of them while you are caught up in the middle of the wedding photo shoot when it all comes down to it. Make it a point to reformat your memory cards every single time so that you get to minimize formatting issues somewhere along the way.

Tripod and light stands.

Your photos are always bound to look at least 2x better when you proceed to shoot them with your camera installed on top of a tripod. A tripod can also get you out of a pinch whenever you are dealing with scenes or compositions that have low light settings.