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Who to Get Your Photo Booth Hire From

photo booth hireDo you want to improve your guests’ experience at your wedding by getting a professional photo booth hire service? Sounds about right! But the problem now is that you need to start researching on how to hire the right person for it! You’ve come to the right place as well!

There are a couple of things that you need to know about the photo booth and the services involved first. Only after you are sure about them should you decide whether or not you should rent it.

Quality of pictures and photo booth

The photo booth should not look like it’s been used for over 20 years and fragile. Depending on the theme, you want it to look classy, elegant, cute or maybe vintage. But it definitely shouldn’t look like a rundown booth. Make sure that its firm and strong when you visit the studio of the owner. Ask to be shown the photo booths he has.

The quality of the pictures doesn’t necessarily have to be superb since it’s only a photo booth. But with today’s technology, it’s not too farfetched to ask for decent quality pictures. And by decent, we meant sharp looking pictures with at least everyone’s face registered clearly. It doesn’t have to be down to each speck of dust and freckle on their face (but if it can, that’s good!).

Price per hour

Budget is the most important part for some couples, but good news for you! Renting a photo booth isn’t supposed to make you broke as they are generally cheap to start with! That’s due to the flexibility most afford by allowing you to open the booth only when needed. For example, provides photo booth hire service with per hour price.

Within less than $500, you can get enough hours of using the photo booth, a butler to take care of it and props are included with the booth. You can go crazy and take as many pictures as you want during the time!

Availability of butler

There needs to be a butler to take care of the photo booth because you shouldn’t be so concerned about it all the time. It’s better to hire the photo booth from someone who provides this.

Wedding photographer bundle?

We like to tell our readers to get their photo booth service from the same person they hire their wedding photographers from. It’s a good idea to do this because then you wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to trust the person or have to spend more time to find another person to provide the service. The wedding photographer will also know better about the situation at your wedding.

On the other hand, you can immediately ask him if something about the photo booth goes wrong. Some people even provide additional discounts if you are getting both a wedding photography service and photo booth hire from the same person.

Follow our guide to find the right photo booth service for you. Start with checking the quality of the booth and make sure that they also come with a butler to take care of the booth all the time. It’s suggested to get it from your wedding photographer if he provides it.