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Wedding Photographer Lake District Helpful Tips

Keep distance

this wedding photographer Lake DistrictJust like this wedding photographer Lake District, you need to learn how to keep your distance every once in a while. Keeping your distance will at times pave the way for you as a wedding photographer to come up with photos with the most authentic and the most interesting expressions. You see, when people are always too painfully aware that you have a camera trained on them all of the time, they tend to become conscious. This is something that might be a little too apparent or obvious in the photos that you end up producing. You need to make sure that you get to do something about this when it all comes down to it. Try to see if you will be able to keep your distance every now and then. Switch to a longer lens if you have to. This way, you will still be able to keep on producing your much needed closeup shots even if you are not positioned right next to the people or objects that you are taking photos of.

Get in touch with the wedding entourage as well as with all of the other people close to the couple.

This can help you tremendously as a wedding photographer during the wedding day shoot. When you know people on a deeper kind of level well before the actual wedding day, you get to build yourself a nice little support system that you will more or less be able to rely on when times get tough. What most of the new wedding photographers do not know right off the bat is the fact that you it can be very difficult to get a hold of the bride or groom once the wedding is in full swing. You will not be able to ask for any last minute sign offs because of the fact that they are in each and every single program in the wedding sequence. All eyes will be on them all of the time. More than that, there is a pretty good chance that you will not really get the kind of response you want because they are too preoccupied.

Always keep a second camera on you.

A second camera is something that will keep you protected at all times. No one can ever really be truly safe from equipment failure during a wedding day shoot. Anything can happen. The ensuing risks and responsibilities that come along with the aspect of being a wedding photographer by profession is not something that you should be taking lightly at the end of the day. If you can’t afford to buy a second camera right out, you might want to consider the possibility of temporarily borrowing a spare camera from a friend. You might also want to seriously think about leasing one out if you have no other options left on the table.

Bring a second shooter along to help you cover enough ground during the wedding.

A second shooter can help you cover far more ground than you ever can even think about covering all alone. A wedding is a huge deal. Coming in and trying to go ahead and do everything yourself is a really bad idea.

Spares You Always Need To Have In Wedding Photography


wedding photographyThe moment that you show up at a wedding photography affair with no spare camera or second camera in tow is the moment that you are seriously opening yourself up to a whole bunch of risks and complications that would have otherwise been avoided if you only listened to your inner good sense and brought one along with you one way or the other. A wedding photographer should never be without one. Even the most skilled and the most experienced of wedding photographers out there are not immune to the possible of equipment damage and failure and neither are you. It is always so much better for you to have your contingencies set in place so that you have something to sort of save the day for you the moment that things like these come up. Although no one in their right mind is praying for equipment failure during a wedding photography shoot, you have to anticipate it and be prepared enough for it so that you don’t end up losing it or being all over the place in case the unexpected suddenly happens. It may mean a little bit more startup capital for you or that you might need to borrow from your friends or rent out a second camera but it will be well worth the effort at the end of the day.


One lens during a wedding photography shoot is tantamount to suicide. You just will not be able to really cover all of the shots and all of the angles that you would like to go ahead and cover with one lens alone. You need at least 2 lenses to get the ball rolling in wedding photography. You are going to need a telephoto lens for our closeups and for your portrait shots as well as a wide angle lens for our group shots and other shots that require a panoramic point or view when it all comes down to it. You can start off with one lens if you don’t have enough money to buy two prime lenses right off the bat but it should be a versatile medium zoom lens. This is something that will more or less allow you to do a little bit of what the two basic lenses will be able to do. It is also quite cost efficient. However, the medium zoom lens will only turn out to be a temporary solution. You will not really be able to rely on something as basic as this as you progress in your career in wedding photography.


A second shooter during your wedding photography shoots will allow you a little more freedom to focus on the creative shot list that you have composed with the bride beforehand. A second shooter does not come cheap and hiring one full time can be a bit of a stretch for your budget but there are other more cost efficient ways for you to go about with this. You can hire a second shooter on a project based basis or even call in a favor from your friends for little to no charge at all.

Practical Tips for Every Wedding Photographer

Always come prepared

wedding photographyIt’s important for every wedding photographer to always come prepared for any possible scenarios that might come along during the coverage of a wedding. There are so many things that can possibly go wrong. There are a lot of mishaps and other challenges somewhere along the way. As a wedding photographer, you should make sure that you are more than equipped to handle these things as well as to know how to handle yourself when you find yourself in the middle of those events and the like.

First up, always wear a comfortable pair of shoes.

The kind of shoes that you wear during the wedding is pivotal to the kind of success that you will get to have as a wedding photographer. You need to go for the kind of shoes that you will be comfortable wearing for the next 8 hours or more. You have to understand that as a wedding photographer, you will end up doing a lot of crazy poses and you will end up crouching or crawling or bent over in crazy positions. You will not be able to do this and get this done the right way if you are ill at ease. If you are a lady wedding photographer, this couldn’t be all the more crucial. You are probably having fancy thoughts of going for that gorgeous pair of heels you just bought last week. Although they might look good at first, it might put you in a bad mood because your feet will hurt the entire time that you will be providing coverage. Do yourself a favor and go for shoes that will take care of your feet so that you do not end up beating yourself up over it and re-thinking about your shoe options during the time that you were getting ready.

Always manage the snap shooters.

Being a wedding photographer means that you also need to have a certain degree of crowd control and crowd management skills. You need to keep the snap shooters at bay especially when they are already getting in the way of the shots that you are trying to take during the wedding. This can be a bit challenging to do at first because you need to make sure that you will be able to strike the perfect balance between being authoritative while still staying polite and friendly all throughout the time. One thing that can help you out a lot as a wedding photographer would be for you to try to let them know that you will give them time to snap their own pictures right after you are done with yours. People tend to respect you a little better if they feel as if you respect them as well. Make sure that you keep their needs in consideration and they will more often than not try to reciprocate that as you go along. Try to explain ahead of time that there will be certain issues with taking photos at the same time such as confusing the subjects regarding which camera lens they should look into and the like.